Being on Fire

Have you always secretly known or even just suspected you have power and potential beyond anything you've achieved so far in your life?
Do you admire and maybe envy those people whose magnetism and personality announces their presence as soon as they enter a room or begin to speak?
Do you yearn to make your mark, to stand out in the crowd as a source of inspiration and leadership, with an aura of calm, assured confidence?

Could this really be you?

Yes, it could be. Julie Hutton can show you how to find and release your own magnetic power, so that your vitality and life force reaches out to touch others, your confidence and sincerity embraces them, your wisdom engages them, your compelling voice, manner and message creates trust and credibility.

BEING ON FIRE is an easy, thoroughly engaging program that will guide you to inner transformation by connecting you with your own, innate personal strengths and show you how to use them positively for influence and success.

Informal sessions of exploration and self-revelation using techniques such as stage hypnosis, instruction, coaching, body movement, vocal exercises, introspection and mental exercise to bring to the surface and strengthen your own, personal charisma.

Set Yourself on Fire


Discover, immersed within yourself, all of the qualities you admire in others:

  • Your vision to inspire and lead
  • Your wisdom to instantly engage and convince
  • Your capacity for compassion and trust
  • Your power to challenge and advance
  • Your magnetism to charm and reassure
  • Your energy to draw favorable attention and admiration
  • Your confidence to succeed brilliantly
  • Your influence to produce positive impact
  • Your inspiration to generate greater good.

Is it for YOU?

BEING ON FIRE is not a class or a course but rather a series of guided, practical and experiential sessions that constantly evolve, taking you ever deeper into connection with your authentic, vibrant and captivating self.

Decide to Be On Fire


It benefits anyone seeking to be seen as more capable, dynamic, interesting and knowledgeable, whether in business and leadership scenarios or in personal relationships.

For example:

  • Leaders in business, community or politics
  • Executives, including managers and sales professionals
  • Team leaders - corporate or sport
  • Presenters, teachers and public speakers
  • Entertainers, including actors or singers
  • Lovers and Individuals seeking to improve interpersonal relationships

BEING ON FIRE helps you develop a powerfully persuasive personality. It will switch on your ability to influence others in crucial decision-making situations like presentations to win funding or job interviews.

It will give you projection and authority in public performance on stage or screen or help you deliver with conviction to audiences in classroom, workshop or sales presentation.

It can even bring out the best in you on one-on-one communications, including dating and personal relationships.

Let BEING ON FIRE awaken your personal magnetism.
Shine with confidence and composure.
Be happier and energized with who you are. Achieve your goals more easily.
Reach out with a touch that is unforgettable.

10 Times More Confident
Being On Fire One on One Being on Fire Package Pricing

Generate More Sales and feel more alive

You are the Gift

Why I created Being on Fire
Julie Hutton

"I've known and have personally experienced both the success coaching and career betterment services provided by Julie Hutton for more than 2 decades.   Julie possesses an honest, sage-like, personally comforting, teaching and coaching presence, making her superior communication skills to those who utilize her services a substantial value for seeking personal and career betterment.” - Glen Smith, Government Affairs Coordinator

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